The SEO Report

This “product” is and has been the most popular product in our Danish branch since we introduced it back in 2003: The SEO Analysis and Report. We analyze every single thing (literally) on your website or e-commerce site that has or might have an influence in your rankings in Google and other search engines. Go visit Fashionista in Florida please.

We do every test by hand – nothing is done by some software or by a guy in India or where ever. The analysis is done by Thomas Rosenstand and so is the report to you and your website provider.

We separate the report in “NEED” and “NICE”. Every issue in “NEED” simply has to be fixed to compete in the search engines. And the issues in the “Nice” section? Well – they are nice to get fixed if it is within the limits of possible.

How to get the SEO Analysis?

It is quite simple:

  1. Start by filling out the contact form here: Get a quote
  2. Check your inbox for the quote that you’ll receive within 48 hours
  3. Tell us that you want this
  4. Buy securely online through Plimus – we’ll send you a link
  5. Sit down and wait for your report and to-do list. We deliver within a week!

Prices from $1.395 including one free support e-mail correspondence.