The SEO Book

This product has been discontinued – the book is ONLY available in Danish.

SEO-LEX was originally published in Denmark and in Danish back in 2009 and it immediately became a best seller. More than 5.000 copies sold in Denmark (population only 5.6 million people). Now it is available in English as PDF book for only $49.

SEO-LEX is different than any other SEO book because of the content. There is absolutely no magic tricks or bogus ideas – only the stuff that really matters is described and explained. And the level is for everyone – really!

On the website for SEO-LEX you can download a FREE Light version and then see for yourself how this SEO book differs from everything else you’ve seen on the market. And remember: There are two hours of video training included with the book!


In Danish Search engine Optimization is known as søgemaskineoptimering