I guess you didn’t expect a Google Rank update last December. Did you?

Anyway, as we all know, the Google Page Rank Algorithm took place early December 2013, and it shocked almost all the search engine communities in the whole world.

It is said to be the strongest, strictest and toughest update!

When the update took place, I wasn’t aware… It was a friend who signaled me, that his blog was hit.

I saw several highly esteemed PR8 sites… down to PR3 and brand new blogs dropping their way down.

If you were not affected by the page rank, then it means you did your homework well.

Well done!

In this post, we’ll be looking at the next big thing Google has for us in 2014, and how to prepare your blog or website as the case maybe for Google updates.

The reason for this is to avoid falling into the same pit you fell into. Without mincing words, let’s dive straight into the main subject of today’s post.

  • Go For Natural Links In 2014

Google loves natural backlinks.

Do all you can to attract backlinks from top PR blogs…

The only way to achieve that is to churn out solid content and guest post on a regular basis

I know a friend whose 2 months old blog got a PR1. This happened as a result of his relentless effort towards guest blogging.

If you want to get quality backlinks from guest posting, ensure you’re really giving value to the readers.

For me, as a blogger and online business owner, guest posting isn’t all about backlinks. It’s a great way to build a loyal audience, influence and ever flowing traffic….. OVERTIME!

  • Start Writing For Humans

If one of your goals this year is to rank high in the search engines, and make a couple bucks from your product or service, then you need to start writing for humans!

Gone were the days where you write for the search engines. The search engines are now smarter. Infact, they’re even wiser than humans (QUOTE ME WRONG LOL).

If you want your readers to visit and become avid followers, then you need to optimize your site with the following:

  • Engaging content
  • Kick-ass title
  • Professional images
  • Proper segmentation for long contents

Tip: the better images you have, the higher your CTR will be.

  • Don’t Put Your Egg in One basket…. (Diversify)…

The reason why most bloggers struggle to make money online is because; they’ve chosen to put their eggs in a basket!

Don’t rely solely on SEO. Diversify. Go for blog commenting, social media marketing, et al!

Build traffic through different sources.

Focus on social media.

It’s the best medium to automatically get a higher page rank in the shortest time possible.

It’s the first month of a New Year; you still have the opportunity to meet your New Year resolutions.

If your major goal this year is to become a high figure blogger, then you need to become a social media genie. Share the right social update at the right time, and make good use of Google+

Tip: it’s the most effective social media platform!

  • Participate in various blogging communities

Being active on various blogging communities like social buzz club, or Anil Patel’s SEO forum, will boost your traffic and backlinks.

Involving in some of these blogging communities will help you build a brand name, influence and more traffic.

What Do You Think?

If you’d like to succeed this year as an online business owner, then avoid pulling your hair because you want a higher page rank. Instead, focus on creating quality content, providing quality information, start building connections with other bloggers out there, and providing better information.

Do you have any tip or suggestion to add to this post? Tell us using the discussion section below!

Author Bio:

Anthony Morrison is a kick-ass SEO Backlinks specialist from the Merseyside area; he’s also a consultant who specializes in resurrecting penalized sites!

Check him out at: theseosource.net

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