Market Samurai: One of the Best Keyword Research and Internet Marketing Tools

If you want your business to grow online then you need to start using an Internet marketing research tool such as Market Samurai to help you reach your target audience much faster than the old traditional marketing strategies such as print, radio and TV advertising. By researching keywords that prospective clients are using to find […]

The Ingredients of Online Marketing

The promise of greater return on investment, more customer involvement and unparalleled effectiveness has resulted in widespread use of online or Internet marketing. Businesses that know how to draw the potency inherent in Internet marketing have reaped many benefits while the ones without this knowhow have been left clinging for dear life. Despite its allure, […]

Social Media Changes

Youth is full of energy at all times. The youngsters are always having complete potential of changing the world. In this modern age social media has helped a lot in giving correct path for many youngsters around the world. They are the people, who create revolution in the world and create big social changes.  Social […]

Ferrero Lawyers Look a Social Media Gift Horse Squarely in the Mouth

Ferrero, makers of the chocolate-hazelnut Nutella spread, came close to trashing its social media standing in May of 2013. American blogger Sara Rosso, who happens to be a big fan of the creamy spread, created a Facebook page to promote an unofficial World Nutella Day. The idea was popular, with over 40,000 followers joining Rosso’s […]

Understanding The Marketing Research Process

Managers need information to be able to bring new products and services to market that customers will value. The perception of value by customers changes quite often, so data must be gathered and legalized to provide managers with the information they need to make important marketing decisions. Market Research vs. Marketing Research Although these terms […]

4 Reasons to Blog – Even if you’re not on the Marketing Team

In the day and age of digital marketing and advertising, where emails are more common that phone calls, where more than half of all business prospects come from online, and 93% of business purchases begin with a search, blogging has become a critical piece of the puzzle. In fact, 67% of buying decisions are commonly […]