Throughout 2013, we’ve seen Google tweak various algorithms in order to separate the spam from good quality sites. This has ensured that all shortcuts attempted by sites that are trying to increase their visibility, are going to be in vain. Sue to this very reason, SEO strategies will have a huge impact in 2014.

  • 1. Blog networks and guest posting

Sites like Post Runner and My Blog Guest are blog networks that you can buy in to. They key to ranking well these days is links from relevant websites that are high in quality. Quality over quantity wins the day. So if you write some 500-600 word kick ass articles and submit them to other blogs in your niche, you should do well. The hardest thing has always been blogger outreach and getting another blog owner to publish your post. That is easy now with sites like Post Runner which automate this process for you. You should only need half a dozen of these types of guest post links built over 6 weeks to rank for moderately competitive keywords.

  • 2. Directory Submissions

Do these still work? Yes but only certain directory links do the trick these days. You need links from high quality directories in your niche. If you are a chiropractor or physiotherapy website then you should get a link from a quality health directory like Natural Therapy Pages. You might have to pay a yearly subscription fee of $49.99 but it is worth it. Don’t build hundreds of low quality directory links anymore as they are not worth it.


  • 3. Avoid Spamming like the plague

Google is no longer fooled by spamming. With their stringent rules, originality and creativity has gained importance and in the year 2014, fake comments and other spamming techniques will lead you nowhere. So start off by crafting links from networks, platforms, and forums where you are an active member, along with improving the general, overall content of your site. They key is to “act natural” as once you have triggered one of Google’s red flags it is hard to undo.

  • 4. Authorship Two’s always better than one

Professional marketers have been harping on and on about good quality content. Yes we know its importance. Everybody knows that good quality content is a must. So how would you take your website or your blog a step further than everyone else? Through Google Authorship. With the constant tweaks Google has been making, Google Plus authorship is a blessing. In 2014, just good content won’t cut the bill. But, couple it up with Google+ authorship, and your site has just successfully outranked several older sites.

  • 5. Think forward. Think Mobile.

This is an era of smartphones. Mobiles have ruled this decade, and will continue to reign for at the very least a few more decades. But, how are SEO and mobile phones related? Well, of course through optimizing websites for smartphones and their kin. The way to meet consumer demands in the year 2014 is through keeping mobiles in the forefront while designing technologically-forward products.

  • 6. 550 words to 1000 words.

300words is the length of past. With the progression of the recent Google algorithm changes, we have seen the value of longer content pieces emerge. However, with 2014 just around the corner, this value will increase tenfold. Since value has become the trending word in the Google SEO changes, shorter content pieces have lost their place to longer ones. The minimum desirable word length is now in the range of 550 to 1000 words, so make sure you keep this in mind when planning your 2014 SEO strategy.

  • 7. Work with multiple SEO plans

The time when a single SEO strategy could work for a long while and still reap in amazing rewards, is now a thing of past. In this time and day, a marketer cannot survive with just a single SEO strategy. This is mostly because of the constant algorithm modifications. The year 2014 will keep you on your feet with a new modified algorithm version being presented frequently. So do yourself a favor, and fill your marketing arsenal up with multiple SEO strategies.

Good luck with your SEO efforts in 2014 and if you play it safe, stick to quality and avoid spammy techniques you can still rank well. For more information on SEM and SEO strategies for 2014 check out

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